Allows for the development and ongoing support of Citizen Centric Digital Services at little to no cost.

A CCM and NIC Connecticut (NIC CT) partnership

offers municipalities a one-stop-shop of digital services, reduces paper based processes, improves local government interaction with residents, builds a strategic plan for a digital future, all with no or minimal impact to municipal budgets.

NIC CT’s suite of services wrapped in our proven self-funding model can make this happen.

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“The expectation for government to perform like Amazon is real.”
- McKinsey Center for
Government | 2018

The Situation

2020 has sharply brought into focus the urgency for more interconnection and delivery of citizen-centric information and online services.

Right now, it is critical for residents to have a simple, consistent online experience to accomplish essential tasks in a timely manner from their home.

There must be a transformation to deliver value and engage citizens in new ways.

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The Solution

CCM/NIC CT Municipal Digital Services Hub

Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM) has partnered with NIC Connecticut (NIC CT) to offer this suite of services at little to no cost to you with a unique and proven self-funding model.


Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM) is the state’s largest, nonpartisan organization of municipal leaders, representing towns and cities of all sizes from all corners of the state, with 169 member municipalities. We come together for one common mission — to improve everyday life for every resident of Connecticut.


We have been delivering innovative services and mobile-friendly applications to the residents of Connecticut since 2014. We offer a suite of digital government services and integrated payment solutions with quick turnaround and minimal setup.

CCM/NIC CT’s suite of services wrapped in our proven self-funding model can make this happen.

Simplify your residents’ busy lives. Improve local government interaction. Build a digital future with a strategic plan ...

At little to no cost.

The Self-Funded Model

NIC CT develops and supports digital government services without using taxpayer funds. Connecticut saves money with NIC CT’s online applications that pay for themselves through a proven funding model.


Leverage private sector creativity and know-how

Marketing Driven

Driving awareness and usage is the only way NIC CT gets paid

Controls in place

Governance and oversight to ensure state receives maximum value


Like a toll road, only those who use and benefit from fee-based services pay for the convenience

High quality

NIC CT can draw from over 11,000 services that are customized, rigorously tested, and continuously enhanced

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NIC Payments Is a Comprehensive Platform Designed to Serve Every Government Agency

NIC Payments provides a single solution for citizens and businesses to make payments in any form. The NIC Payments platform’s footprint accounts for more than 176 million Americans representing 54% of the U.S. population. In 2020, NIC securely processed 400 million online transactions and more than $24 billion on behalf of government agencies.

Payment Channels

Provides citizens with a variety of payment channels, including kiosk, online, mobile, text and email

Security and Compliance

Level 1 PCI service provider, SSAE 18 SOC2 Type II reporting

Citizen Experience

Proactively recommends activities and interactions based on user preferences


Configurable user and administrative interfaces

Analytics and Reporting

Library of reports that are tailored to government with the ability to customize for every need

Customer Service

Agency and end user customer support provided

Innovation is in our DNA

We pair private sector creativity with a deep understanding of how government works.


NIC Inc. (Nasdaq: EGOV) launched the digital government industry in 1992 and continues to lead it, providing a secure and robust payment engine and thousands of digital government solutions across a network of more than 6,000 federal, state, and local government agencies. A leading provider of licensing, permitting, registration, and integrated payment services, NIC created the nation’s first mobile-friendly personal assistant for government, Gov2Go®. We are the originator of a transaction-based approach to delivering digital government services, and our flexible-funding, enterprise-wide approach provides innovation to government partners without using taxpayer funds.

Find out more at

Payment Processing External Link

Payment solutions encompassing the full life cycle of payments from origination to disbursement.

AccessGovExternal Link

A citizen portal that provides easy access to city government, allowing residents to discover anything from simple content to complex web forms.

Gov2GoExternal Link

Notify residents about upcoming renewals, taxes, or town related payments through the use of a mobile application. Residents can subscribe for services then pay through the secure app with one-click payments.

TeleGovExternal Link

Virtual office solutions for government needs; appointments, document uploads, video meetings. of

MyEvents2GoExternal Link

Create new events on the fly that are instantly available within the mobile app. Stay connected with the attendees throughout the event with live updates and mobile messaging.

AppEngineExternal Link

Rapidly create online forms with complete access to the data.

GovStatusExternal Link

Provide important information to residents quickly during crisis situations, emergencies, and natural disasters.

A comprehensive suite of best-in-class digital services providing residents easy and efficient access to local town services all online.

Self-Funding Model

Allows for the development and ongoing support of Citizen Centric Digital Services at little to no cost.

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