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The Connecticut Interactive (CI) master contract makes it possible for us to provide innovative services and solutions

Our Process

The Connecticut Information and Telecommunications Systems Executive Steering Committee (ITSESC) provides oversight of the Self-Funded eGovernment Services master contract and approves all Connecticut Interactive projects. The following outlines the steps to work with Connecticut Interactive under the eGovernment Services master contract.

  1. An initial project meeting is scheduled between the Agency Sponsor, DAS/BEST, and Connecticut Interactive to discuss the scope of the project request
  2. A Project Summary is created for the proposed project
  3. The Project Summary is then presented by CI and the Agency Sponsor to the ITSESC for approval
  4. Upon Project Summary approval, the Agency and CI begin to develop a project Statement of Work (SOW)
  5. The project SOW is presented to the ITSESC for approval
  6. Upon approval of the project SOW, the Agency and CI are given the go ahead to begin the project lifecycle process, providing project teams defined and distinct work phase to plan, design, develop, test and deliver successful web based applications and services

The project lifecycle process includes (6) distinct phases

  • Initiation
  • Requirements
  • Construction
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Post Implementation & Support

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