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The Application Engine is a platform that supports multiple types of application development, and is a suite of inter-operable web services that allow for the building of responsive web applications on-demand. This is a proprietary platform, including development and runtime tools, operating systems, and underlying infrastructure (CPUs, Disk Drives, Networks, Datacenters), which is used to deliver Software-as-a-Service solutions.

Web Services The underlying Forms web service dynamically creates wizard-style applications by reading configuration files from the server (defined in XML). Data collected by the Form application can be exchanged with other web services using a plugin architecture.

Form Builder is a web application that allows non-technical staff to rapidly create and modify applications using Form services.

Form Application is what results from a unique configuration of the Forms web service (XML). Web users can navigate to a URL and they will be presented with Pages, Sections, Text, and Questions (fields), along with navigation buttons which advance to the next/previous page.

Response Viewer is a secondary web application made available for the purpose, of viewing and querying submissions collected by the Form Application.


Payment Disbursement

Approved flow of funds with the Connecticut Office of the Treasury

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Level 1 Compliant

Certified by PCI Data Security Standards (DSS)

Customer Support

Locally based in Downtown Hartford, CT

Reporting System

Uses same in-depth reporting system as other services